Bars to Promote Their Sports Showings to Fans

BY Rachel Cagle
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"For many, the shift from the summer heat to the crisp autumn air means one thing: sports are coming. Fall is ripe with major sporting events, ranging from football on Sundays to playoff baseball. While some of us enjoy watching these events from the comfort of our own homes, many audiences choose to rally around their fellow fans to cheer from bars, restaurants and an array of other out-​of-​home (OOH) venues, reports Nielsen."

"The allure of experiencing live sporting events in OOH environments is a phenomenon that marketers and advertisers need to take note of, as these OOH audiences present enticing characteristics and behaviors that could prove useful to their business. Often overlooked, these audiences are young, engaged and relish a viewing experience that only being at the stadium can replicate."

"2018: Out-​of-​Home Fall Sports Viewing

General Population's Viewer Profile (Hispanic)

  • Male: 55% (48%)
  • Female: 45% (52%)
  • Average Age: 42 years (38 years)
  • College or Graduate Degree: 50% (38%)
  • Household Income: $68,000 ($58,000)"

"Fifty-​three percent of both the general population and Hispanic population aged 18 and over viewed fall sports in someone else's home, making it the second most popular viewing location."

"Where They View:

  • Prefer viewing at a restaurant/​bar or someone else's home: 50% (50%)
  • 18–24-year-olds who have viewed in a restaurant/​bar: 70% (70%)
  • Only view in a restaurant or bar: 27% (21%)"

"Additionally, 2/​3 of all adults ages 18 to 24 have watched fall sports in an out-​of-​home locations that isn't a restaurant or bar."

How do Sports Fans know which businesses are showing the fall sports they want to go out to see? The internet, of course! According to AudienceSCAN, 47.7% have used a search engine within the past month to look up a service they were considering and 28.2% have used a mobile device within the past six months to view a retailer's website. Within the past month, these consumers have also used the internet to look up a business' hours (43.9%) and directions to a business (43.7%). Within the last six months, 38.5% have used a mobile device to look up directions to a business. 

"More than half of both the general population and Hispanics say that they generally watch sports with four or more people. Males are more likely to watch with larger groups of people, with 15% of the general male population watching with 10 or more people and 13% of Hispanic males doing the same. Comparatively, 12% of Hispanic females and 11% of the general female population watch sports with 10 or more people."

"The majority of both the general population (68%) and Hispanics (61%) say they like to watch sports with others, and more than 40% both say that size matter when it comes to out-​of-​home viewing, preferring to watch big sporting events on a large screen outside of their homes."

"More than 75% of fall sports viewers as a whole say they're either somewhat or very likely to notice a brand or product advertised during a sporting event's programming. The brands shown are discussed by 55% of the general population and 53% of Hispanic viewers."

Businesses showing the latest games during their business hours can promote this perk to Sports Fans in many ways. For starters, according to AudienceSCAN, Sports Fans are 39% more likely than other adults to find advertisements on mobile apps useful. Also, within the last year, they have taken action after seeing TV commercials (68.5%), receiving email ads (53.2%), hearing an ad on either over-​the-​air or digital radio (51.3%) and seeing ads in both print and digital magazines (51%).

AudienceSCAN data is available for your applications and dashboards through the SalesFuel API. Media companies and agencies can access AudienceSCAN data through the AudienceSCAN Reports in AdMall.