"Better Job Seekers" AudienceSCAN Report Responsible for $34,000 Digital Ad Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Tammy Painter, of Trib Total Media, has been using AdMall for over a decade, and in that time, has figured out multiple ways to leverage AdMall’s industry intelligence, as she’s a multiple time Sell Smarter Award winner. When approaching a local home health care business, she first needed to know more about them and their needs. 

[The company is] a leading human services provider that offers a comprehensive array of support services to address the unique needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities, autism, and behavioral health needs, while promoting choice and independence,” said Painter. 

Like many companies these days, they were trying to find the best employees. 

They were struggling to hire direct support professionals,” said Painter. “The job requirements for this role are fairly broad and [it] is historically a low paid job field. Direct Support Professionals take care of individuals’ intellectual disabilities, autism, and behavioral health needs by administering medication, taking them to appointment[s], helping them dress, etc.…There are never enough people to meet the need of the organization.” 

Painter says that the company was interested in advertising with her, but initially only wanted to use print. It was an AdMall AudienceSCAN report that turned them towards digital. 

Market research from the AudienceSCAN report of Better Job Seekers played a major role in getting the [home health care] client to switch to digital tactics for recruiting purposes, specifically the Advertising Response Past 30 Days report,” said Painter. 

Their digital strategy includes device ID, standard display, dominant blend that includes search retargeting, and streaming TV,” said Painter. 

The total digital investment of $14,322.51 plus Trib Notes on daily, weekly, and monthly publications [amounted to a] print investment of $19,237.93. The total value of the three-​month buy is $33,560.”