Blog Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

BY Rachel Cagle
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Do your client’s content marketing solutions include blogs? If so, great! Blogs are a great addition to content marketing strategies because 80% of bloggers say that their efforts are driving results, according to a study by Orbit Media. They’re a popular source of owned content media among both business-​to-​business and business-​to-​consumer companies, and they’re a fantastic way to market to niche customers. But all that doesn’t mean that blogs are without their challenges. So, here are a few strategies to help your client get the most out of their blogging efforts. 

Blog Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Know 

Partner with Influencers 

For as knowledgeable as you and your client may be about their products and services, you don’t know EVERYTHING about their industry. That’s why interviews are effective content marketing strategies and blog ideas. By collaborating with influencers and other product and industry experts, you’re not only producing content with multiple viewpoints and areas of expertise, your client is also gaining access to the guest’s audience, potentially giving your client more customers in the future. No wonder, “Bloggers who ‘usually’ or ‘always’ collaborate with influencers are 70% more likely to report strong results,” says Orbit Media. 

How to Drive Traffic to Your Client’s Blog 

According to Orbit Media, the most popular ways bloggers drive traffic to their content are: 

  • Social media posts: Around 90% of bloggers use this medium 
  • Search engine optimization: About 66% 
  • Email marketing: Approximately 66% 
  • Paid services: About 12% 
  • Influencer collaboration and outreach: 8% 

The problem with this order is that, according to Orbit Media, the level of effectiveness is almost the exact opposite order: 

  • Influencer outreach: 44% of bloggers got strong results when using this 
  • Paid services: 41% 
  • SEO: 32% 
  • Email: 30% 
  • Social media: 26% 

So, if your client wants to use promotional content marketing strategies that work, they’ll need to go against the grain and prioritize influencer outreach and paid services. If they take advantage of partnering with influencers who create blog content, they should achieve great results. 

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Search Optimize Your Client’s Blog Content 

Now, that doesn’t mean that your client should write SEO out of their content marketing strategies. After all, the best way to make blogs an effective content marketing solution is to make sure they’re easy to find by consumers who need them. Search engines are an important source of traffic for 71% of bloggers, probably including your client. So, it’s crucial that your client’s blogs are optimized. According to Orbit Media, “Bloggers who are the most focused on searching (researching keyphrases for every article) are the most likely to report success.” That’s why effective content marketing strategies include adding thoroughly researched keywords to new blogs, as well as going back and updating relevant existing blogs to include keywords that will make them easier to find. 

Prioritize Visual Content 

A solid wall of words doesn’t make for an inviting blog post. Consumers are busy, they want content that is easy to absorb. By adding images, videos, infographics and other visual elements into your client’s blogs, you’re creating inviting content that will differentiate your client from their competitors. Both images and videos increase the effectiveness of blogs. According to Orbit Media: 

  • Adding videos to blogs results in a 4x lift to engagement metrics to most posts 
  • Bloggers who use 7+ images per post are 2.3x more likely to report strong results.” 

Those are both huge advantages! 

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