Book Retailers to Promote In-​Demand Love and Marriage Titles

BY Rachel Cagle
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"There was greater interest in love and marriage books in the United States in 2019 than in any year in the past five years. In fact, year-​over-​year sales of books in this genre grew 5% in 2019, reaching 1.7 million copies, according to global information company The NPD Group."

"Sales of love and marriage book sales tend to peak during the November-​December holiday season and in February, in the lead up to the week of Valentine’s Day. In 2019 for example, love and marriage books sales were 30% over the annual monthly average in February. 'This is a tried-​and-​true phenomenon,' said Kristen McLean, books industry analyst for NPD. 'People return to and recommend trusted titles in this category over and over, making series like ‘The 5 Love Languages’ perennial backlist bestsellers year after year — it truly is the gift that keeps on giving for the reader, author, and publisher too.'”

Relationship/​Psychiatric Talk Listeners are avid readers of more than just love and marriage books. According to AudienceSCAN, they're 203% more likely than others to enjoy reading alternative/​entertainment tabloids and newspapers and are 70% more likely than others to read printed newspapers four to five times per week.

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