How to Boost Your Sales Prospecting Success

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Prospect­ing is arguably one of the most dif­fi­cult parts of mak­ing a sale. How do you sway some­one you like­ly haven’t met before into meet­ing with you and then to buy some­thing they may not even be active­ly look­ing to pur­chase? What should you talk about in your pitch to influ­ence a sale? The answers to these ques­tions and more lay in the RAIN Group’s sales prospect­ing study cov­ered in the arti­cle, “New RAIN Group Cen­ter for Sales Research Study Debunks Com­mon Myths about Sales Prospect­ing.”

For this study, RAIN sur­veyed 488 buy­ers and 489 sell­ers in over 25 indus­tries to dis­cov­er how to mas­ter sales prospect­ing. Eighty-two per­cent of the buy­ers sur­veyed agreed that they will meet with sales­peo­ple who are proac­tive in their out­reach. What’s even more reas­sur­ing, 62% of them are already active­ly look­ing for solu­tions to a prob­lem that a sales­per­son could solve for them. As a result, 71% of buy­ers are eager to speak to sales­peo­ple ear­ly on in their search to help them come up with new ideas for pos­si­ble solu­tions.

Proac­tiv­i­ty by itself isn’t enough though. You need to do your research into your poten­tial client’s needs. Six­ty-sev­en per­cent of buy­ers are more like­ly to meet with a sales­per­son if the salesperson’s ini­tial pitch is 100% cus­tomized to that buy­er. Don’t be afraid to give a lit­tle sneak peek of what you can offer them either, as 67% also pre­fer to set up meet­ings with sales­peo­ple who spot­light their capa­bil­i­ties.

Anoth­er impor­tant thing to remem­ber is that your poten­tial clients like­ly believe that over half of the sales meet­ings they agree to are often a waste of time. Remem­ber, they’re look­ing for new ideas for solu­tions to their prob­lems. Are you com­ing into the meet­ing in the mind­set of pro­vid­ing them with what they need or are you just moti­vat­ed by mak­ing mon­ey? Put your­self above the oth­er sales­peo­ple they meet with by devel­op­ing a clear and con­cise pitch spot­light­ing a cus­tomized plan to solve their par­tic­u­lar prob­lems. Proac­tiv­i­ty and research, those are the keys to suc­cess­ful prospect­ing. Now go sched­ule some meet­ings!

Rachel Cagle

Rachel Cagle

Rachel is a Research Ana­lyst, spe­cial­iz­ing in audi­ence intel­li­gence, at Sales­Fu­el. She also helps to main­tain the major accounts and co-op intel­li­gence data­bas­es. As the hold­er of a Bach­e­lors degree in Eng­lish from The Ohio State Uni­ver­si­ty, Rachel helps the rest of the Sales­Fu­el team with their writ­ing needs.