Break These Bad Communication Habits NOW

BY Jessica Helinski
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Communication plays a big part in the success of a salesperson as excellent communication skills are necessary when working with prospects, clients, leaders, and team members. While you may realize the importance of communication, you may unknowingly be sabotaging conversations. A recent Inc​.com article written by Kat Boogaard features 8 poor communication habits and how to fix them. Three of these habits are highlighted below:

Multitasking. In a world where everyone is so busy and on-​the-​go constantly, it’s tough to break the habit  of multitasking. You may think that a quick glance at your phone during a conversation is harmless, when in reality, it’s showing the other person that you are not fully invested in what he or she is saying. “You need to be present for your conversations, no matter how menial or futile they may seem,” Boogaard writes. “Give your conversational partners the attention they deserve.”

Floundering. Some people ramble and ramble…ramble. Whether they do it to fill up moments of silence during a conversation or they seemingly love to hear the sound of their own voice, people may not realize that floundering does not contribute anything to a conversation. Always speak with a purpose, and it’s perfectly acceptable to pause before speaking in order to gather your thoughts.

Avoiding direct contact. It’s easy to avoid speaking with someone these days, thanks to the multitude of technology available. But sometimes, a text or email simply won’t cut it. So, the next time you go to hit “send” on a message, stop and think about whether this message would be better delivered over the phone or in-​person. Not only can a quick call be more efficient, hearing from you directly lends more value to the message.

Habits are tough to break but it CAN be done! Choose one or two from Boogaard’s list to actively work on one at at a time. Likely, your efforts will be evident to both you and to those with whom you communicate, making for richer relationships and a more polished professional image.