Businesses Are Optimistic About Hiring

BY Kathy Crosett
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With all of the gloomy economic reports coming our way, it may seem like businesses aren’t hiring right now. For some industry verticals, that’s certainly true, but businesses are optimistic about hiring. If you’re ready to recruit high-​quality sales talent, be prepared to compete for the best candidates. But don’t rush into a hiring decision without using a comprehensive sales assessment test.

Q3 2020 Hiring Outlook

The most recent Employment Outlook Forecast from Manpower Group contains insights worth checking out. In 2019, as employers pondered their hiring outlook and when nobody had heard of COVID-​19, 27% of surveyed businesses planned to increase their payrolls. What a difference a year makes. As we enter Q3, here’s what employers expect for the next three months, when they were asked, “How do you anticipate total employment at your location to change in the three months to the end of September 2020 as compared to the current quarter?” The company surveyed over 30,000 employers in 43 countries.

  • Increase payroll 17%
  • Decrease payroll 11%
  • No change 62%
  • Don’t know 10%

The net employment outlook for the next three months is +6% (or +3% when taking seasonality into account). While this hiring outlook may sound grim, things could be worse. We only have to look back to 2009’s Great Recession to see an entire year of miniscule hiring intent.

ManPowerGroup data shows that hiring will increase in the following verticals in the next several months. Net employment will increase by the percentage shown in parentheses.

  • Leisure and hospitality 30% (13%)
  • Education and health services 20% (12%)
  • Construction 17% (9%)
  • Transportation and utilities 19% (8%)

In addition, a ManpowerGroup report from June, based on 7,700 U.S. employers, indicated that up to 60% believe that hiring will return to pre-​COVID-​19 levels by year-end.

While the economic downturn has resulted in thousands of furloughs and outright job losses, some industries are faring better than others. As some businesses are allowed to reopen, especially those in the leisure and hospitality industry, hiring will increase. The hiring will cover a range of positions, including sales.

Optimistic About Hiring

According to the June ManpowerGroup report, sales managers and insurance sales agents are among the top 15 most in-​demand non-​essential roles that businesses are hiring for. Organizations that had to cut employees may have released some top-​notch sales reps and maybe a few other reps who were toxic. Now may be the perfect time to bring in a quality candidate who is looking for their next opportunity.

With profit margins being squeezed by the economic upheaval we’re experiencing, you can’t afford to make a mistake when hiring your sales professionals. A comprehensive sales assessment test can help you determine which candidates have the right stuff. Sales candidates often have the gift of gab and will tell you anything they think you want to hear. When you use the results of a sales assessment test to check out a candidate’s true sales skills, their workplace behaviors and their motivators, you’ll know which candidate to interview and hire.