Business Must Go On, But It’s Not Business As Usual

Dear Valued Friends and Partners,

All of us here at SalesFuel are concerned about the safety and well-​being of our clients, colleagues, partners, families and friends in the US and around the world in light of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-​19).

We have helped our clients get through the financial turbulence of 9/​11 and the Great Recession. We want to provide you more information as to how we are adapting to this latest challenge and serving our clients during these disruptive times.


  • All SalesFuel employees have the option to work remotely. In fact, we have employees and associates around the world who already work remotely around the clock. We are prepared and ready to continue giving you the service and support you’ve come to expect from us.
  • Our corporate office staff will be abiding by any stay-​at-​home orders given by the Governor of the state of Ohio. They have successfully transitioned to working from home. 
  • Our Sales team is available to respond to any questions or feedback you have.
  • Our Product and Development teams continue to work hard to improve our products and meet the needs of our customers.
  • Our Training and Client Success teams will continue providing online product training and support on our usual schedule.


  • Manage Smarter™ podcast: Tune in as the podcast addresses the coronavirus and managing through the disruption, as well as how to change your company's culture to adjust to the crisis with more empathy. You can listen at managesmarter​.com or wherever you get your podcasts.
  • SalesFuel TODAY blog and SalesFuel Mobile app: Insights and ideas from SalesFuel and other top thought leaders will include recommendations on selling, marketing and serving customers during this pandemic and the brighter times that will follow.
  • 'Business as Unusual' LinkedIn Videos: I will be producing COVID-​19 specific videos for managers and leadership on my LinkedIn channel at LinkedIn​.com/​i​n​/​c​l​e​e​s​m​ith.


  • AdMall®: Continues to provide intelligence to help local businesses survive and thrive and allows local marketers to advertise the responsible initiatives they’re undertaking to help during the crisis.
  • TeamTrait™: When salespeople work from home, you have to be able to trust they have the mindset, desire and ability to do the job well. You also want to avoid face-​to-​face interviews, especially with people who have little chance of winning the job.
  • SalesFuel COACH: Now is a good time to focus on your own development. It’s also a great time to develop your sales team – start by identifying (and closing) gaps in their individual sales skills and people skills. The product’s Communication Coach feature is invaluable for helping you share information with each rep in the best manner possible. 

Take advantage of the free resources on the SalesFuel website and profile yourself and your sales team at no charge with TeamTrait™ ($395 value per assessment).

This is business as unusual. We WILL get through this together and come out of it stronger than before.

Be kind and stay positive!

C. Lee Smith
CEO, SalesFuel