Cable TV is the Ticket to a Sold-​Out Show

BY Kathy Crosett
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Media Consultant Jed Glaze faced a big hurdle with a former client of Cox Media who had not used cable in eight years! The event promoter didn’t believe that cable advertising worked for promoting events and shows. This didn't deter Glaze. He and his team put together a powerful presentation, using information from AdMall and other local sources, to persuade the promoter on the benefits of cable and its ability to target specific audiences.

To do this, Glaze focused on AdMall’s targeted AudienceSCAN data, suggested cable network information and the data identifying where a consumer heard or saw an ad that led them to take action. The recommendation included a spot cable schedule, along with digital display and pre-​roll videos ads. As a result, the client agreed to a $7,000 test buy. The client was extremely impressed with the results!

Glaze said, “He was originally projecting to break even and after we used the AdMall research to set the targeting, he stated that the show sold out (in record time), and he cleared over $60,000!” He’s now planning to use Cox Media to promote all future events. Glaze turned a veteran client who didn’t think TV worked into a cable advertising believer. It’s now the go-​to advertising solution for all the promoter’s events.

Congratulations to Jed, along with the other Sell Smarter Award recipients:

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