How Can You Become A Well-​Rounded Sales Person?

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sales is definitely a numbers game, but it also requires a bit more than strictly business to be successful. The industry’s top performers also inject a little bit of something extra into their process: Personality. In a CustomerThink article, Coreen Menezes shares easy ways that reps can add more personality to their sales process, which will strengthen relationships with prospects and set a solid foundation for a sale.

One suggestion is to refine yourself. When conversing, sprinkle in some fun facts that showcase your personality. These can be about your work process or past career highlights. Or, you can discuss more personal things, such as an upcoming vacation or a hobby. You don’t need to get into specific detail, but opening up a little about yourself can help the prospect get to know you on a more intimate level. Menezes uses the following example email:

I hope your weekend was wonderful and relaxing. I went camping and hiking in Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Pennsylvania. I had hoped it would be fun, but it was hilarious as I secured a place which was bustling with some middle schoolers who were on their youth retreat. Trust me when I say this, but I would keep a safe distance with the fidget spinner now. 

For our conference call scheduled for Thursday, I am attaching the initial draft of the proposal. Once you read it, please note down any questions or edits that you have in mind.”

The email still deals with business, but it also gives a glimpse of you as a human rather than just a salesperson.

Another suggestion is to maximize meaningful moments. “If you made acquaintance with your prospect at some annual meet or a conference, make sure you mention that exact moment which will remind him/​her of meeting you,” Menezes suggests. Reiterate how glad you were to meet him or her to show that you really do value the new relationship. Also, any time you have a great discussion, refer back to it later to remind the prospect about it. The more you can emphasize positive experiences together, the more likely he or she will want to create more.

These are just a couple of the suggestions presented by Menezes. Easy and understated, her advice allows you reveal to prospects that they are more than just sales targets. By rounding out your strategy, you can connect with a prospect's intellect and emotions.