Your Clients Don't Think You're Listening

BY Rachel Cagle
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Client feedback is invaluable in B‑to‑B sales. Feedback lets you know what you’re doing well, what you can
improve on and can key you in on potential problems that you can fix before they even happen. However,’s 2016 Customer Experience report shows that a vast majority of businesses are putting this important communication on the back burner. Clients aren’t feeling like their feedback is being listened to, so they are slowly ceasing to provide it. In her article, “Customers Feel They Aren’t Being Heard – Here’s What You Can Do,” Marianne Hynd offers advice on how to prevent this from happening.

1.     Involve Them

The easiest way to show your clients that they are being heard is by continuing the communication. When your client comes to you with an issue, get them involved in the process of resolving it. This will not only let them know first-​hand that you are listening to them and taking action, your action also invites the opportunity for additional helpful feedback that can assist you in solving the issue even quicker.

2.     Ask Them

What easier way is there to let someone know you want something than to ask for it? Reach out to your clients and let them know you’d like to hear from them. Set up “we hear you” messages on social media and share how feedback has helped you, regardless of whether it was positive or negative. Also, even after an issue is resolved, reach out to your clients and ask them for additional feedback about how they feel the resolution process went. Just get the word out there that you welcome your clients’ insights and options.

3.     Thank Them

Never underestimate the power of a simple “thank you.” Following up feedback with an email of gratitude shows your client that you are listening to them AND that you welcome their feedback. This newfound positivity will open up a clear line of communication that your clients won’t hesitate to use.