Your Clients’ Gen Z‑Targeting Video Ads Should Contain These Elements

BY Kathy Crosett
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Print ads are so yesterday. That’s what Gen Y and Gen Z consumers tell researchers. Consumers between the ages of 16 and 35 have plenty of spending power. But if your clients want to tap into that spending, they must target these consumers effectively.

The State of Social Video Study, from VidMob, emphasizes the importance of video. The company’s researchers checked into the habits of about 1,000 millennials and about the same number of Gen Z consumers. At least 20 minutes of every digital hour for millennials is spent on video. Members of Gen Z engage with video for 25 minutes of every digital hour. Just over half of that time is spent on social apps.

The consumers are eager for information. Their favorite video formats include tutorials, how-to’s and hacks. Videos are a go-​to information source for 25% of these consumers when they are checking out products and services for potential purchase. While younger consumers have a reputation for constantly posting content, researchers found a different reality. These consumers spend more time taking in content than creating it, and if they come across your clients' content, the end result could be a boost to the bottom line.

Not all kinds of video ads resonate with the under age 35 group. For example, Gen Y and Gen Z consumers give video ads a thumbs-​up when they:

  • Match their style and taste 55%
  • Feature a celebrity or influencer 45%
  • Appropriately target their life stage 29%

In particular, Gen Z consumers appreciate ads that contain beauty. At least 41% of these young consumers say they respond to these types of ads. Only 32% of millennials do. Your clients should also know they can quickly turn off these potential customers by showing the same ads over and over again.

What we glean from these findings is that younger consumers respond better to ads that offer a reflection of themselves, or their aspirational selves,” VidMob Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Bohn told Marketingland reporter Robin Kurzer.

To least more about resonates with the Gen Z consumers, check out the AudienceSCAN profile available from AdMall at Salesfuel​.com.