Are Your Clients’ Hispanic-Targeted Ads Making Their Mark?

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With His­pan­ic con­sumers now account­ing for 18% of the U.S. pop­u­la­tion, your clients should think about how they want to con­nect with these shop­pers. New research from Kan­tar Media shows that His­pan­ics con­trol 10% of U.S. spend­ing. The research also indi­cates that strik­ing the right tone in adver­tis­ing can help your clients increase sales to the His­pan­ic audi­ence.

Kan­tar Media’s study focused on major brands and TV adver­tis­ing, pri­mar­i­ly because their mea­sure­ments show that at least 63% of ad spend­ing that tar­gets His­pan­ics goes to TV. Research revealed that when Hispanic-focused ads are pro­duced in Span­ish, mar­keters tend to rely on humor. Some mar­keters also use video footage from English-language ads and record fresh Spanish-language audio which trans­mits essen­tial­ly the same mes­sage to view­ers.

While the large adver­tis­ers includ­ed in the study (such as Tar­get, Goya and All­state) appear to be increas­ing their Hispanic-targeted mar­ket­ing, ana­lysts say there is room to do more. Many mar­keters are allo­cat­ing less than 10% of their ad bud­gets to Hispanic-inclusive mes­sag­ing. In addi­tion, there is some debate about what con­sti­tutes inclu­sion for this audi­ence. Ads that focus on fam­i­ly togeth­er­ness work well for His­pan­ics.

Mar­keters who want to con­nect with His­pan­ics could fol­low the lead of Wells Far­go and Pringles. In these cas­es, ads fea­tured His­pan­ic actors. And, Pringles went a step fur­ther by show­ing kids play­ing fut­bol. Ana­lysts cau­tion that devel­op­ing ads for the His­pan­ic audi­ence can be tricky because these folks rep­re­sent a wide range of ori­gins and inter­ests. If your clients are fine-tuning their Hispanic-specific ads, they may want to run the con­tent past a sen­si­tiv­i­ty expert to be sure the mes­sages sound and look authen­tic, but not insult­ing or patron­iz­ing. Doing so can help avoid the deba­cle that Pep­si encoun­tered when it debuted its protest ad fea­tur­ing Kendall Jen­ner in ear­ly 2017.

Kathy Crosett
Kathy is the Vice Pres­i­dent of Research for Sales­Fu­el. She holds a Mas­ters in Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ver­mont and over­sees a staff of researchers, writ­ers and con­tent providers for Sales­Fu­el. Pre­vi­ous­ly, she was co-owner of sev­er­al small busi­ness­es in the health care ser­vices sec­tor.