Are Your Clients Targeting Millennials with Out-​of-​Home Advertising?

BY Kathy Crosett
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Your clients may get more return from their marketing investments if they use digital in conjunction with out-​of-​home advertising. Writing for MarketingProfs, Paul Inman explains this reasoning.

Millennials don’t watch TV or listen to the radio the way older generations do. Most of their entertainment needs and interactions are handled through their smartphones. Whether they’re at home or traveling to a store, they’re glued to those small screens.

Inman points out that millennials enjoy going out and socializing in person. Sometimes it’s going out for a meal; other times it’s gathering at a park for a concert. On the way, they might either drive or take public transportation. These are opportunities for your clients to get their messages in front of millennials. Sooner or later, these consumers look up from their smartphones. They might encounter your clients’ messages on a traditional billboard or they might notice an ad inside a subway car. Marketers that place OOH ads in the right locations, especially near busy shopping districts or college campuses, have the opportunity to be noticed by millennials.

Marketers may worry that OOH ads will put off millennials. In fact, research shows that these consumers are more likely to seek ways to block digital ads that are constantly showing up on their mobile devices. Encourage your clients to pair OOH ads with digital ads. Young consumers who notice a billboard are inclined to seek more information online.  To maintain a consistent image and message, your clients should use the same color schemes and taglines across these media formats.

Your clients also shouldn’t miss the opportunity increase sales as a result of their OOH campaigns. A proper call to action is a must, says Inman. Most OOH formats give marketers the kind of real estate that will never be available on the small screen. Your clients can make the most of the space by using bright colors. And, if they opt to buy digital OOH space, marketers have even more creative options.

Have you talked with your clients about millennials and OOH advertising?