Are Your Clients Using Single-​Topic Email Messages to Boost Engagement?

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients complaining that their email marketing campaigns aren’t as effective as they used to be? It’s a common complaint these days. To succeed, your clients may need to change their tactics. Here’s what Ascend2 learned about email marketing and a summary of their recommendations on how to improve your clients’ results.

Ascend2’s survey is based on input from 273 companies. Most of these companies employ between 40 and 500 people. Over 40% operate in the B2B channel, and they’re all trying to improve email marketing effectiveness.

Companies have similar objectives for investing in email marketing. They want to increase revenue, increase the number of leads they have, and improve the quality of leads they get from reaching out through email.

Most marketers, 79%, are fairly satisfied with their email marketing strategies. But they could always do better. Over 40% of businesses struggle with improving lead quality, engagement rates and conversion rates. Do your clients share these frustrations?

The businesses in Ascend2’s survey say the following tactics are most effective for increasing email engagement:

  • Single-​topic email 46%
  • New subscriber 39%
  • Event-​triggered 37%

These tactics are also the least expensive and difficult for marketers to carry out. If your clients haven’t been using tactics like single-​topic emails, it might be time to start. And, if they’re looking for clarity on email marketing responders, check out the Email Offers Lovers audience with a subscription to AdMall from Salesfuel​.com.

Marketers like other email strategies, such as tying the effort to a social media campaign. The problem, according to marketers, is this tactic takes more effort (44%) and isn’t as effective (32%.) Email campaigns that use owned content are also considered challenging by 41% of marketers and only 33% say the approach is most effective.

The most revealing statistic from this survey relates to just how many marketers are relying on outside help for their email campaigns. Only 20% do this work all by themselves. Another 30% outsource completely. And the remaining 50% use a mix of internal staff and outside help.  You may be able to open the door to a digital marketing services sale by offering to review your prospects’ email campaign strategy and then suggesting some improvements.