Colleges Targeting more Students from Lower-Income Families

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"The overall number of undergraduates at U.S. colleges and universities has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, with growth fueled almost exclusively by an influx of students from low-income families and students of color, reports Pew Research Center."

"In 2016, 20% of dependent students were in poverty, up from 12% in 1996. Among independent students, fully 42% were in poverty in 2016, compared with 29% 20 years earlier. The increase in the share of dependent students who are in poverty has been most pronounced at private for-profit colleges, public two-year institutions, and minimally selective and open admission four-year colleges and universities."

"The share of undergraduates who are racial or ethnic minorities has increased in all types of postsecondary institutions, reflecting at least in part the country’s changing demographics. But the change has been most pronounced in public two-year and minimally selective four-year colleges."

"The growth in the share of dependent students from families in poverty has been uneven across postsecondary education. Their growing presence has been most dramatic among less selective institutions. At community colleges, the share of dependent students who are in poverty has doubled from 13% in 1996 to 27% in 2016. Similarly, private for-profit institutions have experienced a 13 percentage point increase in the share of dependent students who come from poor families. In turn, public and private nonprofit four-year schools have had more modest growth in students from families in poverty (six and three percentage points, respectively) since 1996."

Of Low Income Households, only 8.8% plan make student loan payments in the coming year, according to AudienceSCAN. So, those parents who can't afford to support their children will likely do research to find schools with the best financial aid packages. Last month, 44.8% turned to the internet to research products or services they were considering. Colleges can reach Low Income Households by promoting themselves through a variety of online ads.

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