Coming to Your Sales Senses — Part Two

BY Jeffrey Gitomer
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Stop. If you haven’t read last week’s part one of this (mini) two-​part series, go get it, and read it now. Reread it before you start reading this one. Thanks.

Last week, we talked about all the negative senses that the subconscious mind presents and projects when selling. Negative senses, like fear, doubt, uncertainty, procrastination and rejection, will prevent the sale from taking place. I offered remedies for them, but a more powerful way to get rid of the negatives is to counterbalance them with positive senses.

The negative senses block your ability to focus on the positive senses — the ones that breed success. I believe that every negative sense has a remedy, and a counterbalancing positive sense to replace it with.

Here are the 5.5 counterbalancing positive senses:

  1. The sense of confidence — The air you have about you that’s bred by preparation and previous wins. The best part about confidence is that it’s contagious. You can give it to your prospect. (Don’t confuse confidence with its evil twin: arrogance)
  2. The sense of positive anticipation - Everyone reading this column has read the best book on the subject before the age of five, “The Little Engine That Could.” I think I can, I think I can. Thinking you can is 50% of the outcome (so is thinking you can’t).
  3. The sense of determination - The sense of hanging in there no matter what. Determination lets your mind plan the next move. It subconsciously blocks out lamenting or quitting. Determination is having the prospect tell you “no” and you hear it as “not yet.”
  4. The sense of achievement — Everyone subconsciously strives for their goals. The easiest way to achieve new things is to recall how it felt to achieve before. The inner desire you get from a replay of the satisfaction you gained from making your last sale. Remember how good it felt?
  5. The sense of winning - Everyone wants to win, but only a few actually do. That’s because the will to prepare to win must exceed the will to win. It must be ten times stronger than your sense of doubt or uncertainty. Once you’ve prepared to win, and you’ve felt the win, it’s easier to sense the win.

5.5 The sense of success - This is the hardest sense to master because you must sense it before you actually achieve it. That calm feeling of “money in the bank.” An “I can do it” attitude. Clearly defined goals and a well-​lit path in front of you. The sense of positive purpose.

Balancing, by definition, is delicate. Counterbalancing is even more so. It’s a simultaneous act of chasing away negative senses and focusing on the positive ones. It takes focus. It means harnessing and self-​directing your inner thought process. It’s not easy: That’s why so few achieve greatness.

To further complicate things, you’re not “sensing” alone. The prospect has senses too. And, often, they can sense your senses, especially the negative ones. If your negative senses dominate your presentation, they will preoccupy the prospect, and alter their ability to get a clear message.

If they fixate on your nervousness, they will become nervous about you, and forget about your product. Make sense?

The good news is, you’re in control. You can chase away any sense of failure with a combination of product knowledge, knowing the science of selling, dedication to lifelong learning, and the achievement of a positive attitude.

Alter your mind with books, podcasts and seminars. All the information you need to change doubt into success already exists. The problem is you’re not exposing yourself to it.

Earl Nightingale in his legendary recording, The Strangest Secret, says, “You become what you think about.” Truer words have never been spoken. But the secret to The Strangest Secret is, “It’s a dedicated self-​discipline that must be practiced every day.” How close to “every day” are you? The most interesting aspect of The Strangest Secret is that it contains the counter balance to turn all your destructive senses into constructive ones, by employing the strongest sense of them all: common sense.

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