Consumers Respond to These Social Media Ad Types

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients asking whether they’d be better off doing social media posting versus paid ads on sites like Facebook? New intelligence from Research for Good has some answers. Your clients will want to know all about the ad formats that consumers find most enticing.

Response Rates and Frequency

Analysts at Research for Good surveyed about 1,000 social media users. First, they asked survey takers how often they responded to a social ad. About 27% of consumers respond at least once every two weeks to these ads. Women have a slightly higher response rate than men. Nearly 15% of consumers interact with social media ads 2–4 times a week and 14.3% respond to these ads on a daily basis. 

Social Ad Formats That Generate The Most Response

Not all social media ad formats drive consumer action. Survey respondents said they were particularly interested in the ‘Learn More’ format, with a 28% interest rate, and the ‘Get Offer’ format, with a 20.1% interest rate. Consumers are less interested in the ‘Sign Up’ ad format with only 4% willing to explore this option. And, alarm bells about security might be going off when they see ‘Install Now’ offers, as only 3% of folks are interested in this social media ad offer.

Attitudes About Social Media Advertising

The good news is consumers have generally positive attitudes about social media advertising. With 22.7% of consumers saying they have positive attitudes, 30% indicating somewhat positive attitudes and 11.9% indicating very positive attitudes, your clients should feel good about investing in this format. To optimize the outcomes, remind them to use honest messaging. Over 44% of consumers want to read the truth about what a product or service can do for them. And, 24.8% indicate their preference for better ad placement on social sites.

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