Consumers Want Your Clients to Take a Stand on Issues

BY Rachel Cagle
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Public relations are more important than you let yourself consider, according to a study by Clutch. In a world where most information is literally at consumers’ fingertips, it’s crucial to make your company’s stance on social issues known.

According to Clutch’s study, 75% of consumers will begin buying from businesses that share their stances on issues. This is likely because around 70% of survey respondents said that commitment to issues such as the environment, social responsibility and local community giving are the most important aspect of any company. Stances are even more important than price, which only 44% of respondents said is one of the top three aspects they consider when choosing where to buy from.

You and your clients may be avoiding taking an open stance on issues to avoid controversy. That’s a way to maintain business from consumers on both sides of each issue, right? Wrong! Clutch found that companies taking a stance on issues is important to 71% of consumers. “The absence of leadership from traditional power brokers, such as politicians and religious leaders, is cited as a reason more people are looking to businesses to speak up and fill the leadership gap,” writes Clutch’s Toby Cox. So, any attempt to save face may actually be hurting your client’s business, or at least denying it potential growth from like-​minded consumers.

AudienceSCAN from AdMall by SalesFuel has reports on eight different types of cause supporters, from military to animal causes. These reports give insight into these consumer groups’ purchase intent for the upcoming year, as well as advertising-​related research. For example, did you know that Youth-​Related Cause Supporters are 86% more likely than other adults to find advertising on mobile apps useful to them? Or that 20% of Education Cause Supporters plan to pay for facials or other day spa services within the next year? This information and more can be of use when pitching your cause-​related advertising ideas to clients.

Consumers want you and your clients to take a stand. Head to AudienceSCAN to figure out which types of causes are most popular and how your clients should promote their support of these causes!