The Media Mix for C‑Store Clients to Sell More Food

BY Rachel Cagle
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"As convenience store operators rise up in the foodservice echelon, and the lines between channels continue to blur, all foodservice retailers represent some form of competition to c‑stores, says Chain Store News." That's why it is important for you to determine which media mix for c‑store clients matches the best with their strategies.

"By recognizing what shoppers desire from their prepared food and beverage purchases, c‑store operators can boost sales, improve customer satisfaction, and gain share from competitors," writes Chain Store News.

What's Important to C‑Store Customers?

The very name convenience store highlights what Americans appreciate about the model most: The convenience of the store's hours, location, and product selection. However, as health becomes a bigger concern to more Americans, more consumers are beginning to think that the product selection in c‑stores could be expanded in the areas of taste, freshness, food safety, appearance and quality.

Content is an important part of determining the proper media mix for your c‑store clients. What is it that current and potential c‑store customers want from these business' brand messaging? Americans want their local c‑stores to spotlight their food offerings' freshness, quality, look, and healthy qualities. Right now, these are qualities many Americans feel c‑stores lack when it comes to their food selections. If your c‑store clients excel in any of these areas, you should spotlight each of them in your media mix for you c‑store clients' next ad campaign.

According to Chain Store News, grocery shoppers view a selection of healthier options (38%) and a 'wider variety' (35%) as important aspects of their decision-​making process when deciding where to get their food.

"Freshness continues to be paramount as well, with preparation date and freshness information emerging as a top motivator," said Chain Store Age. "The ability to customize orders, information about how food is prepared, and 'easier to eat while on the go' are other top motivators."

Additionally, more American consumers are beginning to care about price and environment more than customer service, sales and promotions, or even free samples. Many consumers also care about the cleanliness of the convenience stores that they shop for food from since it's closely tied with food quality. No one wants to eat food that was prepared in a dirty kitchen or that has been sitting out on a filthy counter. Keeping a clean work space is the easiest way to get consumers feeling comfortable enough with your c‑store client's food offerings to purchase them.

Media Mix for C‑Store Clients

Convenience stores can promote their food products' freshness, as well as their stores' cleanliness through the use of visual advertisements. According to AudienceSCAN, last year, Frequent Gas Station/​Convenience Store Shoppers were driven to action by TV commercials and outdoor ads they saw.

AudienceSCAN data is available for your applications and dashboards through the SalesFuel API. In addition, AdMall contains industry profiles on convenience stores and gas stations, as well as lead lists at the local level. Media companies, sales reps and agencies can access this data with a subscription to AdMall from SalesFuel.