Manage Smarter 242 — Dr. Carla Fowler: Level Up Leadership Using Performance

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Are you looking to improve team performance and propel your team to new heights? In this episode of the Manage Smarter podcast, Dr. Carla Fowler, an MD, PhD, and elite executive coach, shares insights on performance science and how to create a high-​performing team. For the last decade, she has been a secret weapon for scores of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other senior leaders.

Carla’s unique approach combines the latest research from performance science with timeless best practices to help top performers level up and achieve their goals.

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, and Dr. Carla Fowler discuss:

Defining High Performance

Dr. Fowler explains that high performance is not just about working harder, but it involves brain proven performance science to define what it is and how to achieve it. The number 1 objective of a manager is to create high-​performing teams by hiring the right people, developing them, motivating and engaging them, and helping them work well together.

Performance Science Components

Dr. Fowler breaks down performance science into three main components:

  • Strategy: Identifying the most important actions with the biggest impact on the goal.
  • Execution: Finding effective and efficient ways to carry out processes.
  • Mindset: Understanding the psychological elements that contribute to team confidence and motivation.

Embracing Uncertainty

Dr. Fowler emphasizes the importance of embracing uncertainty and trusting the process. She explains that the best opportunities often exist in the zone where success is uncertain, and it's essential to have a mindset that welcomes uncertainty as a part of the process.

To create an environment where uncertainty can be embraced, Dr. Fowler suggests the following tips for managers:

  • Encourage vulnerability and openness about not having all the answers.
  • Model the process of setting up good experiments and measuring success.
  • Help team members understand the importance of uncertainty and the potential for growth and learning.

Understanding Different Brain Types

Dr. Fowler acknowledges that different team members may have different ways of processing information and approaching tasks. She advises managers to focus on the destination and milestones that need to be reached, and to have conversations with team members about how they envision getting there.

"People are always looking for the "hack" or silver bullet as a shortcut to high performance. There are always great tips/​hacks out there… but I've found that an important piece of high performance is not just getting a certain set of results, but also that the path you take to get those results is important to developing your foundation as a performer.”

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