COVID-​19 Rekindled America’s Passion for Video Games

BY Rachel Cagle
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According to The NPD Group, "March 2020 tracked spending across video game hardware, software, accessories and game cards totaled $1.6 billion, gaining 35% when compared to the same time period last year. This is the highest reported spend for a March month since the $1.8 billion achieved in March 2008."

"All video game categories experienced double-​digit sales increases in March," says NPD, "with hardware, software, and accessories & game cards increasing 63%, 34%, and 12%, respectively."

For the past few months, Americans have been in desperate need of entertainment while under quarantine and practicing social distancing. Not only are video games a source of entertainment, playing games online gives consumers the opportunity to interact and play with friends and family from a distance. COVID-​19 has both driven gamers' love for video games to a new high and inspired many first-​time gamers to give them a shot.

Many Video Gamers have a habit of listening to music while they play, and a lot will control that music using their phones. This is good news for advertisers. According to AudienceSCAN, last year, 41% of these gamers took action after hearing advertisements over both over-​the-​air and digital radio, and they're 38% more likely than other consumers to find ads on their mobile apps useful.

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