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November 22, 2020

Manage Smarter 149 — Michelle Reines: Being a Badass Leader!

Michelle Reines is a speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur, founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., and creator of the unconventional Badass Leader brand. In this episode, we discuss: the evolution of businesses in COVID-19; top pain points of remote work; the challenges of change management; no drama llama to navigate teams through pandemic–focus on working on your business as opposed to IN your business.

November 8, 2020

Manage Smarter 147 — Jessica Katz: Agile Values During COVID-19

Jessica Katz is a trainer, mentor and coach through Liberated Elephant. Jessica is an expert at culture design within organizations that allow individuals to bring authenticity to work, bolstering internal engagement and revenue. In this episode, we discuss: the top 3 qualities needed in company cultures; how to deal with the “Elephant In The Room” in your company; definition of Agile Values and how to implement them; and productivity without burning our your teams.

November 1, 2020

Manage Smarter 146 — Cameron Herold: Your Meetings Suck! Here's How to Make Them Better.

Cameron Herold is a world class executive coach, top rated speaker, and best selling author of Meetings Suck! He's also the founder of the COO Alliance, the world's leading network for seconds in command. In this episode, we discuss: why meetings are awful and what % of professionals lead bad meetings; tips to increase engagement in meetings in COVID-19; timing spacing tips of meetings; and accountability and engagement tests upon observing “checked out” behavior in meetings.

October 18, 2020

Manage Smarter 144 — Jason Reichl: Improving Your Revenue Operations

Jason Reichl co-founded Go Nimbly, the first revenue operations consultancy with the goal of allowing high-growth companies to increase the revenue of each of their customers by 26% through eliminating operational silos. In this episode, we discuss: the definition of SalesOps or revenue operations; why now is a great time to tackle revenue operations in today’s COVID-19 climate; how to get people to buy more or expand their spend in COVID-19; and creating customer experiences to promote repeat purchases.

Client Retention
October 15, 2020

Bolstering Client Retention in the Age of COVID-19

2020 has been a scary year for people in sales roles. You have had to adjust to working remotely close to, if not, full-time. Deals are tougher to close via video sales calls. And your current clients are tightening their purse strings and cutting expenses wherever they can until the economy turns around. Could your product or service be the next cut?

October 10, 2020

Manage Smarter 143 — Mitchell Levy: The New Definition of Credibility

Mitchell Levy is a TEDx speaker, Global Credibility Expert and international bestselling author of over 60 books — including his latest "Credibility Nation." He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 850 books. In this episode, we discuss: the new definition of credibility in today’s COVID-19 climate; the 3 Pillars of Credibility; specific steps and strategies to build your credibility; Lee's new book, SalesCred, and the importance of credibility in buyers qualifying sellers.

October 5, 2020

B2B Digital Ad Spending to Grow by 22% This Year

In the recent past, B2B marketers have relied on trade show activities as an effective form of lead generation. In our new normal, and with no solid estimates on when in-person trade shows will appear on the calendar again, analysts expect B2B operators’ digital ad spending to grow by 22% this year.

October 3, 2020

Manage Smarter 142 — Sophie Chiche: Helping Your Team Deal with Stress and Find Happiness

Sophie Chiche is the founder of Life by me, Shape House and her latest adventure, becurrent. She is also the co-author of The Power of Personal Accountability: Achieve What Matters to You. In this episode, we discuss: implementing active choices daily in COVID-19 to make the happiest, best experience you can have moment to moment; how to avoid stress eating in the pandemic; how to embrace feelings and use them to find a way to happiness; and how to help your team deal with anxiety during this challenging time.

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Kristie Knights on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 114 — Kristie Knights: Managing Coronavirus Anxiety Among Your Team

In this episode, we address mental heath issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic with Kristie Knights — a licensed professional counselor and has been in private practice for 20 years. She is an expert in trauma and suicidology. She is also the Founder of iRise Leadership. In this episode, we discuss: How managers can implement a culture of more empathy and allowance of negative feelings in the workplace during this time; The difference between anxiety attack and full-blown depression; Tips and habits to improve your self-care during adversity and crisis; Tips on how to provide you and your family structure as you work from home; and ideas on how to visit virtually with family and friends to stay connected and not isolate yourself.

Tom Peters on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 115 — Tom Peters: Walk Around Managing When You Can't Walk Around

In this episode, we address management arising from the coronavirus pandemic with the iconic Tom Peters. Tom is the author of The Excellence Dividend and co-author of In Search of Excellence — the book that changed the way the world does business. In this episode, we discuss: Tom's strong opinions on CEOs currently laying off thousands of employees during this crisis; What is business responsibility in this Coronavirus epidemic?; How to “Manage By Walking Around" when everyone is working from home; and Why leaders need to ramp up intimacy, kindness and thoughtfulness during this time.

Rishad Tobaccowala on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 116 — Rishad Tobaccowala: Being Human > Data in Uncertain Times

Rishad Tobaccowala is the author of Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data. He was named by BusinessWeek as one of the top business leaders for his pioneering innovation and TIME magazine dubbed him one of five "Marketing Innovators." In this episode, we discuss: Tips on humanizing remote working in this environment and touchpoints to help humanity trump data; How to incentivize staff to change and lean into disruption; How to upgrade your mental operating system and inject more human touches into the work environment; The dangers of data vs. human stories and skills within the business; and Dealing with "The Turd on the Table."

Jeff Piersall on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 118 — Jeff Piersall: Course Correction During the Chaos of Coronavirus

Jeff Piersall is known as The Chaos Coach. A former high school and college basketball coach, Jeff is an entrepreneur than has recently exited his business and now specializes in M&A activity for small cap businesses. He is also the author of Dogs Don't Bark at Parked Cars. In this episode, we discuss: How to Course Correct in a Crisis; Knee jerk reactions vs. course corrections; Money and opportunities to pursue amid the pandemic; and How businesses can be more agile and pivot during the crisis.

David Veech on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 119 — David Veech: Coronavirus — Don’t return to normal. Return to BETTER.

David Veech, author of Leadersights: Creating Great Leaders Who Create Great Workplaces, teaches leaders how to Love, Learn, and Let Go. In this episode, we discuss: Tips on how to make your business and leadership better coming out of COVID-19; Recommendations on process changes; and Basic elements of a plan to emerge out of COVID-19 lockdown.

Patti Temple Rocks on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 120 — Patti Temple Rocks: Coronavirus, Layoffs and Older Workers

Patti Temple Rocks is the author of the book called "I'm Not Done: It's Time to Talk About Ageism in the Workplace." She is also a senior partner at a marketing agency in Chicago. In this episode, we discuss: Why mature workers are the last ones you should consider cutting; Conversations to have with older workers in choosing furloughs, layoffs and payroll reductions; Signs a company doesn’t value older workers; and How late career workers can increase their value amid COVID-19.

Cliff Farrah on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 121 — Cliff Farrah: Eliminating Struggling Competitors During COVID-19

Cliff Farrah is President and CEO The Beacon Group, Farrah has spent more than 25 years advising clients on organic and inorganic growth strategies and tactics in Healthcare, Technology, Industrial, Energy and Defense marketplaces. In this episode, we discuss: How the pandemic accelerates your comp set; How to choose which competitor to overtake; Near and long-term market disruption considerations; How to identify who in your market is still spending money; and How amid to right-size your organization.

Sam Schutte of Unstoppable Software on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 122 — Sam Schutte: Fixing Coronavirus Tech Deficiencies

Sam Schutte is the CEO of Unstoppable Software, Inc. The company's software development services as a development partner, and is the host of the podcast at unstoppabletalk​.com — which covers the "intersection of business and technology innovation". In this episode, we discuss: Tech vulnerabilities caused by COVID-19; Technology that companies should be investing in now; and The Virtual Tip Jar he created to raise donations for those who’ve lost their jobs

Edgeworth Analytics on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 123 — Dr. John Johnson: Economic Data Reveals COVID-19 Opportunities

Dr. John Johnson is a PhD economist and the CEO of Edgeworth Analytics, a DC-based data consulting firm that empowers professionals to unlock data’s potential. In this episode, we discuss: Economic data on time and possible date on when the economy may start to recover and thoughts on the rehiring process for unemployed COVID-19 workers; Economic analysis on your business, demand for what you sell, remote working and extra costs potentially of reopening; Risk of infections of workers vs. running a remote business data points; Customer base analysis; and Process for you to dig deep into data for your department and business to help make business decisions in the pandemic.

Tom Pisello on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 124 — Tom Pisello: Tips for Boosting Your Sales Team's ROI

Tom Pisello is the Founder of the Evolved Selling Institute and currently Chief Evangelist for Mediafly, a leading sales enablement solution provider. He is well known from his podcasts, videos, blog posts, and newsletter as “the ROI Guy.” In this episode, we discuss: How to changes you can sell as well remotely as well as you did in person; Top ways to keep selling in COVID-19; Better methods to prepare interactive digital documents to make compelling sales sessions; and Creating mini-presentations to keep virtual selling with prospects at a higher level of engagement.

Shane Metcalf from 15Five on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 125 — Shane Metcalf : Managing Remote Workers During COVID-19

Shane Metcalf is co-founder of 15Five and one of the world’s leading pioneers in the space of cultural engineering and positive psychology and an expert in remote workplaces and workflow management. In this episode, we discuss: The combination of two qualities you HAVE to have or your remote teams will feel paranoia and fear; Specific team exercises to help boost engagement; How to tell if your team is struggling with remote workplace setups; and Questions to ask your team to help those not coping well with remote workplace setup, technology and/or culture.

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 126 — Dr. Gleb Tsipursky: Better Decision-Making for the New Abnormal

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is author of the book Resilience: Adapt and Plan for the New Abnormal of the COVID-19 Pandemic and CEO of Disaster Avoidance Experts. In this episode, we discuss: His prediction on when a Coronavirus vaccine will be available worldwide to everyone and the economy will fully recover; Why our brains are wired to be optimistic but how we must force our expectations amid the pandemic to be realistic going forward; His top 6 business prongs that need analysis now to adapt to the pandemic; Various types of unconscious bias that affects management decision making; How Coronavirus data has affected him and tips he has on helping managers and teams cope with the reality of what’s to come.


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