Crafting the Most Effective Holiday Ads of 2020

BY Rachel Cagle
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To some, it may seem silly to be thinking about holiday ads right now. But we are nearly halfway through the year, and with the COVID-​19 pandemic discouraging many businesses from advertising at the moment, they are looking to the holiday season with hope. In a recent eMarketing webinar, Sarah LaCourse, the senior director of strategic consulting at Epsilon, offered some advice on developing the most effective marketing strategies this year.

Crafting the Most Effective Holiday Ads

Stand Out

Remember, this year, your clients will not only be competing for their customers’ attention with other companies’ ads, but also presidential election ads. Your clients will have to find a way to stand out amid the onslaught of holiday ads everyone is pelted with each season, especially during election years. LaCourse says that individualizing your client’s communication is the key to breaking through the clutter to create the most effective holiday ads. “A great way to do this is to really leverage the power to inform your marketing plans and your business decisions,” says LaCourse. “You need to understand your customers: their behaviors, their motivators, their needs and their preferences.” Additionally, you need to make sure that your clients have a wave of advertisements set for the Monday after the election. LaCrose says that’s when the final wave of consumer engagement and spending peaks for the remainder of the year.

Prioritize Omni-​Channel Marketing (Especially Digital)

As mentioned earlier, Americans are bombarded with ads during the holiday season. Therefore, it is all too easy for consumers to misplace or throw away/​discard direct mailers, emails, etc. So, make sure your client’s holiday ads are available on multiple channels in order to be their most effective, especially the ever-​popular digital and mobile channels. LaCourse encourages you to keep in mind that mobile usage skyrockets during election seasons. “Consumers are glued to their mobile devices as they’re looking for real-​time updates,” she says. “Your holiday strategy should put mobile front and center.”

To figure out your client’s advertising pain points before this year’s holiday ads are released, run a Digital Audit on their business. Using this tool, you can evaluate your client’s SEO, social media and digital marketing efforts, along with other key advertising information.