Credit Card Companies Promote Features to Help College Grads Establish Good Credit

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Just got your degree? Congratulations! Now’s the time to follow that smart move with another and take a few minutes to learn how to build a good credit profile, says Consumer Reports."

"Having good credit is important because it will save you money in the long run. Need to get a loan for a car or something else? You’ll get the best deal, in the form of lower interest rates, if your credit is good. You’ll also pay a lower interest rate on credit card debt."

"Building good credit, which you do primarily by paying back all sorts of bills in a timely way, in turn results in a higher credit score, a numerical representation of your creditworthiness. Credit scores typically range between 300 and 850. The higher the score, the lower the risk that you won’t pay back your debt. If you took out any student loans, you already have a credit score."

"Get a Credit Card: Credit card companies often start to send new offers to students after graduation. Or, students' favorite retailers are another credit card source. Often you’ll get an introductory discount on merchandise just for signing up. Look for cards that charge competitive interest rates, have no annual fees, and offer cash back or other perks compatible with your lifestyle and spending patterns. Stay away from credit cards with super-​high interest rates that serve the subprime credit market."

"Pay Off Debt on Time: Make timely payments a priority; they’re crucial for developing a good credit score. You may have limited control over the size of your student debt or car-​loan payment each month, but you can budget wisely to avoid overspending on your credit card, says Mike McGrath, vice president at EP Wealth Advisors in Valencia, CA. Pay off your credit card debt monthly, or at least bite off a big chunk of it. At the very least, try to pay debt down within two months."

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