How to Crush Your Goals When Working Remote

BY Jessica Helinski
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The number of remote workers is steadily rising (up 80% over the last decade) and these employees are experiencing notable benefits: 77% report increased productivity and 30% are accomplishing more in less time. If you work remotely, can you relate to these stats? “Working as a remote sales rep presents its own unique challenges…,” writes Taylor Dumouchel in an article for Peak Sales Recruiting. These challenges may threaten the aggressive goals that reps often make.

In her article, Dumouchel shares 14 tips from industry professionals that may help sales reps work more efficiently from home. Below are three highlights:

  • Leverage personal communication tools. This tip comes from Mark Cox, managing partner at In the Funnel – Sales Consulting. While it’s much more convenient to shoot out an email or text, these tools do not allow for a very personal connection. “These tools lack the personal touch that we need as human beings to feel connected and part of a team,” Cox explains, “so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or get on a video chat to talk strategy or update your manager.” Face-​to-​face video chats or a simple phone call can help remote reps feel more connected with clients, team members and managers.
  • Keep a routine. The lack of a structured office environment can lead to a scattered workday. Sarah Duffy, talent specialist at OpenView Venture Partners, emphasizes the importance of having a routine when working remotely. “Choose a few things that you want to be consistent with on a daily-​basis, include them in your calendar every day, and you’ll see it becomes a lot easier to stay focused and on-​task,” she says.
  • Deliver consistent results. Often, employees working from the office can get away with just being present, whereas remote workers must demonstrate results. Liz Hall, vice president of people at Trello, notes, “With remote work, the need to consistently deliver results is even higher, because nobody sees you every day – and they can’t see you actually working.” Make sure that your hard work and daily progress is visible to others.

Working remotely can help you be more productive, detox you from office drama, and offer a better work-​life balance. But, you must be conscious of potential challenges, and strive to be as productive as your in-​office team members.