Customer Experience: the Make or Break of Business Relationships

BY Rachel Cagle
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The experience you give your customers goes hand-​in-​hand with how likely it will be that you can retain their business. Yet, it’s surprising how often this make-​or-​break skill gets pushed to the wayside after salespeople have finished making that initial sale. Jess Pike’s article, “How to fine-​tune the customer experience (and 5 B2B brands leading the way),” highlights simple ways to enhance your customer service that seem to be overlooked all too often.

Don’t let your business relationship stop at just the name. Building a strong business relationship with your client takes more than just a sale. It involves getting to know each one personally and making him or her feel as if each is a part of a business community. Do this by keeping him or her involved with progress, sending him or her personalized emails and/​or going out for a business lunch, and give him or her the opportunity to provide you with feedback.

Every minute counts, especially in the world of business. If your client comes to you with a need, don’t write off the request as something you can put off until later. Your clients appreciate timely responses as much as you do, so show them you care about their business, and that you respect their time by putting their needs first. Your clients will notice this personal touch.

Building trust is a key pillar in a business relationship. Never make a promise you can’t keep, even if it’s as small as telling your clients that you’ll keep in touch. Don’t tell them that and not check in with them, like so many other salespeople tend to do. Keep your clients’ expectations level with what you know you can provide, and, if/​when you can, exceed them. Clients who trust you are the clients who will be loyal to you.