Why is Customer Service so Invaluable to a Business?

BY Rachel Cagle
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The term “customer service” is thrown around a lot. Everyone knows how valuable it is; we’re told every day. But do we know why it’s so valuable? If you’re stumped for answers, take a peek at Himanshu Agarwal reasons about why customer service is crucial.

  • It both saves and earns money

You know how it’s cheaper to retain an employee instead of consistently having to train new people? The same concept applies to clientele. A lot goes into landing a new client. You have to spend your time tracking down leads, convincing them to meet with you, preparing a sales pitch, presenting the pitch and doing everything in your power to close a deal. That’s a lot of time and energy you could spend on other responsibilities. If you keep your existing clients happy, you won’t have to put in as much time desperately trying to increase your sales through new clients. You can just sell to the ones who know you are a good person with a quality product. Easy peasy.

  • It helps nip problems in the bud

If you have good customer service, odds are, your clients are comfortable reaching out to you. This level of comfort means that they’ll come to you at the first signs of something going amiss instead of waiting until they are frustrated and have no other choice. Good customer service leads to comfort which leads to open communication. And that communication includes feedback that is critical to your customer’s satisfaction.

  • It encourages improvement

You know all that communicating loyal clients and you are doing when you have good service? And all those potential problems you’re becoming privy to? Now, you can spring into action to make sure the problem isn’t repeated with those same products other clients have bought. You’re providing service without other clients even having to ask you first! A successful company is one that is consistently improving itself and what your clients have to say provides invaluable input to that process. Your clients may even spread the word about your outstanding service. So, based on this service recommendation, you may be approached by other potential clients without even having to go looking.

Great customer service doesn’t only benefit your clients. It can have so many beneficial effects for you and your company as well.