Day Spas to Promote the Life Benefits of Taking Time for Oneself

BY Rachel Cagle
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American business travelers multi-​task more than their global peers, which can trigger a domino effect of creative suppression, according to a first-​of-​its-​kind global survey produced by Marriott Hotels. Yet, the solution could be just a few deep breaths away; travelers reported that a brief recharge boosted productivity and their best work occurs during disconnected moments.

By giving into distractions and choosing to multitask, travelers worldwide are taking away time that is otherwise necessary to relax, unwind and open the mind. Travelers are recognizing this problem; over half of global respondents (51%) said that if they had an additional 15 minutes in their day, they would devote it to clearing their minds — significantly higher than those who said they would use it to check/​send emails (32%), or even spend time with friends and family (46%).

What's more, 40% of the global travelers surveyed think the amount of time they need to relax and get into the right mindset to be creative is 15–30 minutes, showing that even just a short moment of pause can have a positive impact on both personal and professional performance.

The survey clearly showed the benefits of getting into this clear mind state.

  • 80% of global respondents agreed inspiration often comes from a moment of pause
  • 62% said taking time to relax and clear the mind resulted in finding clarity on a problem
  • 50% of respondents said a clear mind allows them to set new goals
  • 84% of respondentsbelieve they are most productive when they take a moment of pause during the day to relax and recharge

Despite these obvious benefits though, 70% of global travelers surveyed say on most days they find it difficult to relax and clear their minds, and 74% say their daily routine leaves them very little time to relax and reflect.

However, Day Spa/​Facial Clients may be unaware of how little time it would take to relax and unwind with personal care/​spa services. Day spas and related businesses can promote their refreshing services to busy consumers through both traditional and digital advertisements. According to AudienceSCAN within the last month, these consumers also took the time to use the internet to find coupons and discount codes, play online games and research health and medical information.

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