The Defining Attribute of Successful People

BY Scott Zimmerman
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The only difference between successful people and those who struggle is that successful people do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done — to the best of their ability — whether they feel like doing it or not!” – Jim Cathcart

Truer words have never been spoken.

So, here’s my challenge to you: Ask yourself some hard questions and pay careful attention to the honest answers:

  • Am I willing to get comfortable being uncomfortable?”
  • Do I keep an updated To Do List and refer to it often?”
  • Do I attack my list by priority, or by doing the things that are fun/​easy first?”
  • How much time do I waste each day on the internet?”
  • Am I my own biggest source of interruptions?”

Please don’t overwhelm yourself!

Just find one bad habit and replace it with one productive one.

For example, when you are tempted to log onto Facebook and see what folks are up to, pick up the phone instead, and call your prospects and customers.

Or, when it seems easy to call your favorite customers/​clients, spend an hour calling prospects instead.

You’d be surprised how many more sales you will make when you develop a habit of starting each and every day doing the hard stuff first!

Honest self-​evaluation and habit replacement are two sure-​fire ways to increase your commissions, earn promotions and create job security!

P.S. These will carry over into every other aspect of your life also.