Digital and Print Ads: The Perfect Pair

BY Rachel Cagle
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Print advertising is fairly effective on its own. Digital advertising has proven to be even better in most cases, especially as time goes on. However, advertisers rarely use digital and print together. “Although they can be successful on their own,” reports FedEx Office in a recent MarketingProfs article, “print and digital together can amplify each other's strengths and create greater impact.”

Digital and Print Co-Advertisements

Strategy One

Say your client is a primarily digital advertiser. It can be difficult to convince them to use digital and print ads together. Unless you use this method.

It's proven to be fairly easy to get American consumers to engage with brands digitally after they are first approached with print advertisements. “Direct mail is known for high conversion rates; and when direct mail is paired with digital ads, conversion rates are 28% higher,” reports FedEx Office. “Complementing direct mail campaigns with digital efforts creates opportunities to reinforce messaging and to direct recipients to more messaging online. Print marketing also offers creative ways to encourage audiences to connect with a brand online and interact directly.”

Strategy Two

Print and digital advertisements can also be used together to cover more bases with the same message. For example, your client could send out coupons and coupon codes to customers and prospects using both email and direct mail ads. Even if their email gets lost in the recipient’s inbox, they’ll still have a chance to see the ad when they go through their mail. Most consumers will at least leaf through their direct mail to make sure they’re not throwing away anything important. That’s when your client can snag their attention and business with a good deal.

Strategy Three

Incorporating quick response (QR) codes into print advertisements is also an excellent way to encourage consumers to interact with brands digitally. According to FedEx Office, “Statista estimates that 11 million US households will have scanned a QR code in 2020, and most Fortune 500 companies have added QR codes to their marketing strategies.”

QR codes are a great way to combine digital and print outreach because of how convenient they are. Without a QR code, consumers interested in print ads have to type in a URL or search for the company. QR codes provide a quick and easy way to lead consumers to the intended website page by just scanning the code with their smartphone’s camera. Quick. Easy. Reaches more potential customers.

Putting the Plan in Motion

Before you can create a digital and print integrated campaign for your client, you need to know which types of print and digital ads their target audience is most likely to respond to. AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel can help with that. The target audience’s profile offers users a list of the advertising media that influenced specific consumers to take action within the last year. With this information at your disposal, you’ll know just the types of ads that will get your clients results.