Digital Audio is One of the Biggest Influencers of Hispanic Consumers

BY Rachel Cagle
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You and your clients may not give much thought to digital audio usage in America. It’s just big music streaming services being used, right? Wrong: At least if your clients plan on targeting Hispanics with their advertisements.

According to H Code’s 2020 Hispanic Digital Fact Pack, 85% of Hispanic consumers listen to online audio content and 73% stream said audio from sources other than Spotify, iHeart Radio and Pandora. Hispanics listen to more digital audio than watch video, movies and TV online (83%). Each week, Hispanics listen to music online as follows:

  • 1 to 2 Hours: 23%
  • 3 to 4 Hours: 25%
  • 6 to 9 Hours: 18%

Hispanics are spending most of their time on the internet on their smartphones (56%) followed by their laptops (13%).

If your client hasn’t been targeting Hispanics with their digital audio advertisements, now is the time. 78% of Hispanics don’t think that they’re targeted enough by brands, probably because advertisers are unaware of the power this community has. One in five (18.3%) Americans is Hispanic. Not only that, H Code found that, if Hispanics in the U.S. formed their own country, they’d have the 8th biggest global economy. Even now, they have a gross domestic product of $2.3 trillion that is growing 28% faster than the U.S.’s economy as a whole.

When Hispanic consumers like a brand, 80% continue to be loyal to that brand. And all your clients have to do to get 75% of Hispanic consumers to view them in a more favorable light and consider buying their products is to make an effort to include elements of Hispanic culture in their advertisements. AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel has over a dozen radio audience profiles, including Streaming Music Service Subscribers and Radio Ad Responders. What do they plan to buy this year? What types of marketing are they most receptive to? You can find answers to these questions and more on their audience profiles.