Digital Out-​of-​Home (DOOH) Ads Optimize Social Media Campaigns

BY Rachel Cagle
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Unless they’ve been living under a rock for the last 27 years, social media is probably a HUGE part of your client’s digital marketing efforts. But they can’t rely on social media ads themselves. What types of ads does your client usually pair with them? Email? Search? According to Ocean Outdoor, neuroscience research says that your client should be using digital out-​of-​home (DOOH) ads.

Digital Out-​of-​Home (DOOH) Ads Optimize Social Media Campaigns

The Science

Ocean Outdoor has run several neuroscience studies. Their latest one sought to discover if DOOH and social media ads are congruent. Turns out, they are. Ocean showed the study’s participants social, influencer and DOOH ads featuring the same brand.

Researchers found that when marketers use similar content in both social media and DOOH ads, DOOH ads prime social media content positively. “People are drawn further to brands on social media when they have seen the brand campaign on DOOH first, delivering a tangible priming impact from the DOOH in terms of brand approach, emotional response and dwell time,” says Ocean.

What to Promote

All your client has to do to get the same response for their advertised content is:

  • Create both DOOH and social media content that spotlight the same images and overall message
  • Release the outdoor ads first in high-​traffic areas
  • Amplify the outdoor ad content on your client’s and their influencer partners’ social media pages

Don’t Leave Out Influencers

Your client may think that since the correlation between DOOH and social media is so strong, they don’t need to add influencers into the marketing mix. However, don’t forget that social media is an influencer’s bread and butter. That’s where they post all of there content. And consumers trust influencers’ word more than brands that promote themselves via social media. Ocean agrees that your client should definitely include their most popular influencers into the marketing mix. “Celebrity influencers strengthen excitement and authenticity,” Ocean says. So, when it comes to the social media portion of your client’s plan, be sure to pull out all the stops and get as much coverage/​visibility as possible. Influencers will really help here.

Don’t Underestimate DOOH

DOOH ads aren’t just useful when paired with social media ads. According to OAAA data highlighted in a recent SalesFuel blog, 50% of American consumers have made purchases on the spot because of DOOH ads they’ve seen. Why?

  • They’re attention grabbing since they’re the only ads in public places when consumers are out and about
  • 53% of consumers say that these ads give them all the information they need to make a purchase
  • They’re more memorable than TV, social media and online video ads
  • Consumers are tired of typical digital ads. They want to pay attention to less traditional digital ads and get outside after being cooped up for so long because of COVID-19

For your cheat sheet to making your client’s next successful DOOH ad, check out the full blog post.

Creating the Most Effective Ads

Does you client need reassurance that DOOH, social media and influencer ads will work in their favor? You can check out their target audience’s profiles of AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel to make sure. There, you’ll be able to see what percentage of the audience’s took action after seeing OOH and social media ads, which social media platforms they’re the most active on and how much they care about business reviews from outside sources. You can also get information that can help your client place DOOH ads where their target customers will be the most likely to see them based on the areas they live in and how long their work commutes are.

Photo by Andrae Ricketts