Digital and Social To-​Dos During Events (and After)

BY Jessica Helinski
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During events, there are many opportunities to engage and network, no matter what format. Virtual, in-​person or hybrid, sales events are kicking back into gear, even if they may not resemble ones sales reps are used to attending. A recent SalesFuel blog post [link] discussed how salespeople can leverage digital and social tools before events to drive engagement. Now, it’s time to discuss what to do during events to make the most of your attendance. 

During events: Be present online (even when in-person)

As event hosts have adapted strategies and formats in light of COVID-​19, even in-​person events now integrate digital elements. Salespeople should make sure that they are actively participating online no matter how the event is being held–even if they are present physically. As Extra Mile points out, “While you are there to meet and connect with other people, conversations are also taking place online.” 

Remember those event-​related hashtags you followed? Use them! Make sure to add them to your own posts during events. Doing so not only keeps you engaged in the online conversation surrounding the event, but also helps your own contacts follow you and share in the experience. 

Also, if you happen to be a speaker or have a booth, make sure to monitor any online mentions of you or your company. You may be able to spark further dialogue or respond to questions. 

Showcase your expertise

You can also use your event postings to boost your own credibility. “Showcase your expertise by engaging with targeted sessions and presenters via your event apps community board,” suggests the event professionals at Whova. “Comment on topics, and actively participate in live Q&A via engagement tools. Remember not to overdo it; one question and/​or comment per session so as not to hijack the conversation.”

Use imagery

Social media and other online posts that utilize imagery are more engaging and attention-​grabbing. Extra Mile notes, “Video and images will get more attention. Create and share short live videos or snapshots. They will be most likely to be noticed online, creating more views for you.” 

Also, make sure you have images and videos to share with other attendees during events. If someone asks for more information from you, be ready to wow them with shareable images and video. “Have ‘info buckets’ ready to copy/​paste into private messages/​chats/​emails, or publish downloadable pdfs, infographics, and videos online in advance so you can share their URLs upon request,” suggests Whova. Doing this tiny bit of preparation will ensure you’ll have valuable digital content to share even while busy during events. 

After the event: How to follow up effectively with digital

Once you leave an event (or sign off), it’s time to keep the momentum going. Social and digital will be key to doing so. 

Catch up on connections

You may have added contacts to your social networks during an event, but if not, now is the time to catch up. “If you have not connected on Linkedin on the spot, go through your business cards and send invitations to connect on Linkedin with a personali[z]ed message reminding them of context,” Extra Mile suggests. “You never know when attendees will go through their connection requests, and you need to stand out. The goal is to connect, not sell. You will then have more opportunities to educate and engage.”

Say thank you

Post or email contacts and hosts to thank them. You can also use this time to request further engagement, such as a follow-​up call, Zoom chat or physical meeting. You can also show your gratitude to event hosts by responding to feedback requests. “Be honest while being complimentary; the organizer may select your feedback to be featured on their website and social media, providing extra free exposure,” writes Whova. “Additionally, seek-​out related online review forums or social media to post your feedback in a similar manner, such as LinkedIn or Facebook groups.” Your input will be appreciated. 

These tips, and these, will help reps leverage digital and social before and during events, as well as after. Even if you do attend physically, online engagement will help maximize your opportunities for networking and driving connections.