Direct-​to-​Consumer Brands Seek Traditional Media Assistance

BY Kathy Crosett
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The next Apple or Amazon could be setting up shop in your market. These days, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs starting up online businesses. While they might be whizzes at product development and distribution, these business owners need advertising help.

Digiday has been watching the direct brands space. In a survey they ran earlier this year, Digiday analysts found that major brands have begun to move their media buying and creative needs back under the corporate umbrella. That kind of shift is never good news for agencies. The story is a bit different for smaller direct brands. They’re looking for new and unique ways to connect with different audiences. Their curiosity spells opportunity for agencies and media companies.

Many DTC brands start out using social media, especially Facebook, as their key marketing tool. At some point, the limitations of using one social channel for marketing become obvious. That’s when DTC brands realize they’re missing their chance to connect with other audiences, especially through traditional media. As Digiday analysts point out, the tech whiz leaders at the controls of successful direct brands don’t know where to start with traditional media. In some cases, they're looking for a recommended media mix of traditional formats to complement their efforts in digital. Not surprisingly, DTC business owners consider themselves to be very competent with respect to formats like paid search and mobile.

DTC brands may also need strategic marketing help. We all understand that the retail elephant in the room, Amazon, is always seeking market share. As Bezos has said, “your margin is my opportunity.” While your clients worry about margin, they “not only have to get noticed, but have to convince users to continue the experience month after month,” explains Ryan Kutscher, founder of Circus Maximus.

Consistently advertising the right message through traditional media formats can help your clients compete against DTC giants. To learn more about the kinds of consumers who are influenced by traditional media, check out the AudienceSCAN profiles available on AdMall from SalesFuel.