Discovering your FIT in business by standing out.

BY Jennifer Gluckow
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As a child you were taught to fit in.
In school. In family. In fashion. And of course, fit in socially.

Not too tall, not too short, not too thin, not too fat, not too loud.
As a kid, it’s the Goldilocks syndrome: “just right.”

In business the philosophy is the opposite, and your entire process must be re-​learned and redone. In business, you need to stand out. If you fit in, you’ll drown in the sea of competition, and no one will see you as different or better than others. Not only that, but you’ll lose on price.

Attracting prospects, buyers, customers, and connections is about being friendly, offering value, and differentiating yourself from your competition. In short, NOT fitting in.

How do you differentiate yourself?

Ask yourself:
• What makes you attractive?
• What value do you offer the marketplace?
• How noticeable are you?
• What do people think and say when they see you or your message?
• What makes you different from your competition?
• What makes you unique?
• What makes you memorable?
• What makes your customers want to spread the word?
• Why do your present customers return time after time? (or maybe they don’t)
• What is your customer’s perceived value of your differentiation?

Do customers and prospects care about the features and benefits that make you different, or do they really want the value that you offer? NOTE WELL: If they don’t care, then your “differentiators” don’t matter! Offer something different that’s valued by your buyers.

Here are some places where you need to stand out:
• Online – Is your site ready to do business? Easy to navigate? Responsive? Designed to help? Built-​in SEO that makes you findable? Does anyone say WOW after they visit? Your dynamic website is no longer an option. My site is undergoing it’s annual check-​up, and I will be re-​launching a new look and new brand (keep watching).
• On email – I use Outstand for all of my sales follow up. Beautifully branded emails that WOW my customers and make me stand out from my competition.
• In networking groups. I lead a weekly networking meeting in NYC (email me if you want to visit!). The people who get noticed, most spoken with after the meeting, and get the most business, are the ones who give funny and memorable commercials. They stand out. I create something dynamic, engaging and memorable. I prep ahead of time, practice my pitch and deliver an outstanding commercial. Do you?
• In service – How quickly do you respond? Answer with a live (friendly) human being? 24–7? Want a service report card? Your business Facebook page, yelp, and online reputation will tell the tale.

REAL EXAMPLE: When Zappos offered free delivery both ways — they stood out.
REAL EXAMPLE: When Amazon created free two day shipping (okay, almost free, prime users) — they stood out.
REAL EXAMPLE: Ever experience service that was so good that you just had to tell your friends? Hertz rental car in Miami will meet elite customers at baggage claim, help you with your bags, and pull up your rental when you’re ready. WOW! Remember taking airport shuttles and wasting time to get your rental car? Now if you’re an elite customer they bring the car to you! When I experienced this for the first time, I was beyond WOW-ed.

What do you do to make your customers say, “WOW”?
How do you stand out?

FITNESS EXERCISE: Visit the sites of your five most hated competitors. Who WOW’s? Who wins? I hope you do.

Determine your difference. Refine your offer. Communicate your value. Create your market attraction. Invest in WOW. And bank the business.

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