Disruptor Brands Want Assistance in the E‑Commerce Market

BY Kathy Crosett
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One of the biggest advantages of cookie-​based advertising is the ability to target consumers in the local market. Your small to medium-​sized business clients have likely benefited from this technology in the e‑commerce market. Other businesses that are located hundreds of miles away also reap the benefits of this type of marketing. These disruptor brands are increasingly targeting consumers directly, instead of using a distribution channel. However, they need assistance to continue expanding their operations.

E‑Commerce Market Metrics

Businesses that want to succeed in the e‑commerce market sector know that they need a unique offering. Disruptor brands are capturing more consumer business these days. They typically develop a product and go to market with it within a six-​month period, according to a new IAB report. These businesses aren’t usually venture-​funded unicorns that trade profitability for growth. Instead, they are profitable within three years. Their owners report the following goals:

  • Establish a new business category: 31%
  • Go global 34%
  • Be acquired 15%
  • Open traditional stores 30%

The top business categories filled by disruptor brands in the e‑commerce market include apparel and fashion (19%), hobbies, games, crafts (18%), and beauty and personal care (12%). Nearly half of these companies employ fewer than 20 people. With an average revenue figure of $17 million, the typical growth rate is staggering: often 30% or more.

The Need for Marketing

These business owners in the e‑commerce market understand that getting the advertising message right is critical. About 26% say their marketing and advertising roles are the most challenging to fill. They also note that customer service (35%), marketing and advertising (34%) and creative and content development (28%) are the biggest areas for their investment in terms of hiring.

When a business can’t hire the right employees, they will look around for outside assistance. Good digital marketing services can help them stay ahead of competitors such as other e‑tailers (31%) and other DTC brands (29%).

You can help them achieve their goals by benchmarking their digital presence against what the competition is doing. The Digital Audit, available at AdMall from SalesFuel, has the information you need.