Do Your Clients Need to Hit Refresh On Their Content Marketing Campaigns?

BY Kathy Crosett
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You know consumers are looking at your clients’ content. Every time a potential customer performs a search, your clients have a chance to impress. The latest research from Clutch shows that consumers value content that is transparent, accurate and unique. How often does your clients’ content fall into those categories?

In a recent Forbes column, Cameron Conaway points out that too many businesses are seeing a diminishing return on their content investment. If your clients are struggling to keep their material fresh, they may need to give their content creators new training. Ask how often content creators have the opportunity to update their skills. Even better, content creators should check out courses, online or offline, that allow them to develop new skills they can apply to the task.

In addition to improving their skills, content creators must keep up with the times. If they’re writing about technology that’s ten years old, they’re dating themselves and boring their readers. Not every company can afford to send their entire content creation team to a conference. But, they can certainly require everyone to study the materials and presentations given during the conference. Also, if one of your employees possesses up-​to-​date knowledge on a specific topic, ask them to give a lunch-​and-​learn session to the content team.

Clutch analysts report that content can develop consumer intent to purchase when it possesses three key aspects:

  • Directly addresses customer issues and preferences
  • Demonstrates expertise: existing customers often tell businesses what they need. Your clients should address those topics in the content.
  • Proper keywords: When content contains the right keywords, it’s discoverable by consumers. Determining quality keywords means being mindful of search frequency, search trends and considering whether competition for a specific term is high.

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