Don't Forget THIS 3‑Minute Post Sale Trick!

BY Amanda Levin
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Closing a sale is always a great accomplishment, but most sales reps forget one crucial, final step that can make a huge difference in their sales numbers. So go ahead and give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back, but before you hand your new client off to the launch team and move on to your next prospect, set aside 3 minutes to send a thank you.

In a recent Hubspot blog post, Aja Frost shares the powerful impacts a thoughtfully written thank you note can have.

First, it lays the groundwork for a referral from your new client. By sending a personalized thank you, you communicate that you really care about your client and their business. This simple act can sway your client to give you a referral when you ask for one in the future, AND your client will be more inclined to voluntarily refer their friends and business contacts to you. And as a sales rep, unsolicited prospects are a potential goldmine!

Second, it maintains your role in the client relationship as a trusted advisor. Yes, you are a sales rep, and you will not be maintaining every aspect of this client’s account. However, YOU are the person they worked with and know. YOU are the person they feel a connection to. Your launch and customer support teams may be spectacular or they may need some work. Regardless, your new client will feel so much more at ease and happy with their decision to buy from you if they know you’ll continue to be available to provide guidance and assistance.

For the final impact and some thank you email templates, check out the rest of Frost’s blog post. Note that templates are great to use and make this process even easier. Just make sure you personalize these templates to each specific client.

Did you think something as simple as a thank you could have such a big impact on client success and your own future success? It only takes 3 minutes. What are you waiting for?