Don't Limit Email Ads by Believing These Myths

BY Rachel Cagle
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Your client’s email has successfully made it into their customer’s inbox. The correct email address was found, the message avoided the spam folder, and it’s now sitting in the inbox just waiting to be opened to spread your client’s advertisement. The worst is over, right? Wrong. You’re forgetting, there’s one more step before avoiding the trash folder: being opened.

With email being such a popular advertising medium, there have been many discussions about best practices for subject lines and the timing of delivery. However, many of those are just opinions with no research backing. Oracle Bronto’s Busting Email Marketing Myths report is here with the facts you need to better your client’s email outreach.

Subject Lines

You may have heard that subject lines containing emojis or words in all caps will get emails sent straight to the spam folder. Neither of these are true, says Oracle. In fact, both methods have been known to increase open rates since they’re eye-​catching. An example Oracle gives is that emails containing Valentine’s Day offers with an emoji in the subject line are more likely to be opened. 

Additionally, contrary to popular belief, there’s no set limit to the number of words that should be used in subject lines. The information contained is what matters. Although, you will want to keep the length to under 50 characters since any additional content won’t be displayed on mobile devices.


It’s common knowledge that Tuesdays are the “best days to send emails.” But it shouldn’t be. At the end of the day, the effectiveness of email messages comes down to your target audiences’ habits and how the email’s content relates to when it’s sent. “For example, a Monday email may not be best for incentivizing weekend shopping,” says Oracle.

The same concept goes for the number of emails that should be sent each week, as well. Do a little research on this topic. Check your clients’ results to determine when customers stop opening emails on a weekly basis. Let that number be their guide. Don’t let clients miss a chance to connect customers to great deals because they’re following an outdated and inaccurate generalization.

There are five email-​based audiences on AudienceSCAN on AdMall from SalesFuel. Does your presentation of this information to your clients need a bit more umph that only demographic and purchase intent information can give? You can find that information on their profiles.