How to Draw A Crowd At Your Next Trade Show

BY Jessica Helinski
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Even if you’re a veteran of the trade-​show circuit, standing out among competing vendors can be tricky, especially at the larger shows. Danny Wong, in an article for Entrepreneur, discusses these difficulties and shares four ways to get noticed. Below, are just two of his tips:

Start BEFORE the show

Don’t wait until you arrive on the floor to get in the selling mode. “The time to advertise to clients and prospective customers that you'll be at a trade show is a couple of weeks-​to‑a month in advance of the event,” Wong advises. Give prospects and current clients a heads-​up well in advance, and if possible, schedule some demos, training or other interactions. Make use of social media accounts and email blasts as reminders of your upcoming appearance and to pique interest.

Wong suggests finding out who the other vendors in attendance will be and the conditions of your space or booth. These insights can help you plan your own setup well. “You may even want to collaborate with your neighbors if you have complementary products or services and overlapping customers,” he adds. “By combining resources or themes, you may make more of a splash.”

Offer an activity

Encourage engagement by hosting live demos, contests, quizzes, or other activities. “Trade show attendees want an interactive experience with your brand, not a standing sales pitch,” Wong writes. “Just make sure the activity is aligned with your brand.” You can stand out from the usual trade-​show vendors and interact lightheartedly with attendees.

Check out Wong’s entire article for a fresh perspective on standing out during trade shows. His tips are great for sales newbies and vets alike, and all are easy to implement. So before the big trade-​show season kicks into gear, take the time now to set yourself up for success.