Driving B2B Sales Using Mobile

BY Rachel Cagle
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Mobile is driving and/​or influencing approximately 42% of the revenue of B2B companies studied by BCG. Our phones are something we have on us at all times, so why not use that fact to better communicate with clients?

BCG also found that 60% of B2B buyers claim that mobile contributed greatly to a recent purchase they made. 80% of these buyers use mobile at work, 70% say they’ve only increased mobile usage, and another 60% say that usage will only escalate in the future. And if that isn’t enough to sway you, Google’s research only adds to mobile’s importance in marketing, showing that roughly 50% of B2B queries are done on smartphones.

Where’s the evidence that using mobile will help drive your B2B sales? BCG’s research also found that the average amount of time it takes for a lead to turn into a client is 84 days for a buyer who doesn’t use mobile. One who does use mobile, however, completes the process in an average of 49–65 days. That has the potential to be a 35-​day difference!

In order to get these kinds of results, your clients need to upgrade their mobile strategies to be on par with their other channels. Think about when you use a smartphone instead of desktop. Speed and simplicity are a major part of your decision, right? That’s why mobile is so important to B2B sales: clients are in the mindset of getting things done, and quickly. That means your clients need to simplify the customer experience by formatting their sites and ads to fit smartphone screens and by using less text. Search, video, email and social media are the major ad and research methods on mobile, so make sure your clients are utilizing those. Also, make it easy for B2B customers to reach out to your clients by adding quick links for their company locations or phone numbers on their websites.

Millennials and members of Gen Z are becoming more dominant members of the potential B2B clientele with every passing year. You’ve possibly rolled your eyes at how dependent they’ve seemed to be on their phones for nearly their entire lives. Isn’t it time your clients started taking advantage of that trend to increase their sales?