eMarketer – 58.3% of Digital Display Ads This Year Will be Native

BY Kathy Crosett
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Marketers are still excited about native advertising. The format is experiencing about a 30% growth rate in 2018. Next year, buyers will likely increase their demand for native by only about 25%. That’s a far cry from the 67% growth rate the format had in 2016. Still, with an expected sales volume of about $32.9 billion this year, native advertising is clearly delivering results for marketers.

The latest stats from eMarketer​.com show that native advertising has found a comfortable home in digital display ads. We can expect about 58.3% of digital display will go to native advertising. For the record, native advertising is described as “placements, which match the form, function and feel of the content in which they appear.”

Similarly, native is popular for social ads. In fact, about 90% of native ad spending is allocated for social sites. Researchers point out that many social sites and apps are nicely configured to include native ads.

Native has also found a home in mobile advertising. Karen Moked, writing for Digilant, observes that, “publishers are pursuing higher value and more mobile friendly content while advertisers are interested in more engaging, less intrusive ads.” In addition, native advertising and programmatic ad buying and selling seem to go hand in hand. Spending on programmatic native ads is likely to rise significantly this year. Marketers understand that this technique allows them to target specific individuals with the right kind of message at the right time.

This year, publishers and tech companies will employ more machine learning and AI tools in the programmatic universe. These changes make for a more targeted and efficient buy. The enhancements also allow publishers to guarantee buyers “a viewable and fraud free experience providing brands with a more reassuring level of transparency.”

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