What do Customers Want from Customer Service During COVID-19?

BY Rachel Cagle
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What do customers want from customer service while there is a pandemic going on? The world of sales needs empathetic gestures now more than ever. You should always respond to your client’s needs as quickly as possible and with an empathetic attitude. Now, there are a few extra steps you should take before your clients even reach out, according to Nancy Porte, writing for CustomerThink.

What Customers Want from Customer Service in 2020

For You to Be Proactive

Your clients have a lot going on during the pandemic. Many are struggling to maintain a workforce that is remote for the first time and keep productivity up. They may feel like they’re drowning in new and old responsibilities. What do customers want from customer service in these situations? For you to offer your clients a lifeline by being the one to reach out to them first. Even if it’s just an email reassuring your client that they are still top-​of-​mind to you and asking if there is anything you can do for them in this time of need, they will appreciate the empathetic gesture from you.

For You to Be Open About Changes

Hopefully your company has developed various types of COVID-​19-​specific material to aid your clients. Has your workplace been creating webinars, podcasts, or blogs addressing how to tackle the challenges of the new COVID-​19 business reality in your clients' industries? Are there any special offerings or deals your company has released since the outbreak that are relevant to your consumers? If the answer to either of these questions is a no and you've been wondering "what do customers want from customer service right now?" these are your answers. A much-​needed empathetic gesture for your clients would be to reach out to them and let them know about these resources your company is providing. Send your client an email with links to your company's resources and make your offerings clear on your website. Also, if relevant, ask your clients for their input on these new offerings. They may want a perspective on topics that maybe you had not considered before, such as how to cope with working from home all the time when they never had to do so in the past.

For You to Plan for the Future

The ultimate empathetic gesture? Remind your clients that this won’t last forever. Over the course of your business relationships with your clients, you’ve probably noticed a pattern concerning what they have reached out to you for. Take that knowledge and combine it with the interactions you’ve had with them during the outbreak to anticipate their needs. Then, make a game plan for how to better serve them once the quarantine is lifted and things return to business as usual. “For example,” says Porte, “moving employees back into the workplace might be even more challenging than moving them out. Provide resources to customers that will help them best determine how to resume regular operations in a safe workplace once the crisis is over.”