How Empathy Can Boost Your Position with Prospects

BY Rachel Cagle
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Empathy is one of the most powerful tools you have in your sales arsenal. It, more than anything else, demonstrates that you view your clients as more than just a sale. This trait gives evidence that you truly care about and understand your clients and their feelings. The thing about empathy in sales is that it needs to be openly communicated. Steve Cartwright offers some things you can say during your next client meeting that will make your empathy crystal clear.

  1. Personally,….”

This word literally spells out your humanity. With this single beginning to a recommendation, you are breaking down the sales barrier between you and your client and revealing the person you are beneath while giving advice. By saying this, you’re demonstrating that you understand your client’s feelings so well that you’re able to put yourself in her shoes and think through how you would handle something.

  1. My product is a good fit for you because you can accomplish…”

Personalizing the useful traits of your product or service to your customer not only makes your sales pitch more relevant to her as an individual, but also shows that you’ve done your research. Too many salespeople schedule as many meetings as possible and give the same generic pitches about how generally amazing their products or services are. Make it worth both of your time by tailoring your pitch to her. Empathetic salespeople value their clients' time and, therefore, don't waste it with vague pitches.

  1. Let’s solve this together.”

Empathy shines brightest when things go wrong. Your client is feeling frustrated, mad, and a whole slew of other negative emotions, but most of all, she’s worried that you won’t care enough to fix the problem quickly. If, after you apologize, you suggest getting her involved in the fix, you’re proving to her that you value her input on how it can be fixed and you’re comfortable enough with how thoroughly you’re going to fix things that you’re willing to submit to her supervision. This shows that you understand what she is feeling and want to do everything in your power to make things better.

  1. Thanks for reaching out.”

Feedback is a difficult thing to give when your clients aren’t sure if you’re an empathetic person. When your newer clients reach out to you with a concern or other feedback, you need to show them that you value and are grateful for their comments. Thanking your clients shows that you empathize with their points of view and want to take action based on their feelings every chance you get.

  1. I can empathize.”

It doesn’t get much plainer than that. You’re telling your client outright that you understand how she feels about the situation she has come to you about. When all else fails, make your empathy as obvious as possible.