Empowering Small Businesses Through Social Media

BY Rachel Cagle
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Part of the appeal of small businesses is their engagement with their customers. For example, even though not all small businesses have their own websites, 89% have Facebook profiles, according to a report by Visual Objects. This allows them to not only have an online presence, but to easily converse with customers. Facebook isn’t where small businesses plan to stop their social media presence, though.

According to Visual Objects, 62% of small businesses consider social an important part of marketing and 88% are planning on investing more in social media. But which sites are of the most interest to your small business clients and prospects?

Visual Networks

Visually-​based social networks, such as Instagram and YouTube, are popular among small businesses in the retail industry, especially those run by millennials. If your client is looking to show off their products, what better place than sites dedicated to pictures and videos? Additionally, 43% of millennial small business owners plan to increase Instagram spending, and millennials and Gen Zers in general prefer Instagram and YouTube over Facebook. Yet, only 42% of small businesses are currently using Instagram.

Business-​to-​Consumer Preferences

If you ask a friend or colleague about an event or project they’re planning, chances are, they’ll respond with, “Hold on, I’ll show you my Pinterest board.” Pinterest has become a haven for about 250 million visual planners and an opportunity for business-​to-​consumer (B2C) small businesses to promote their products to consumers in need. Visual Objects reports that 78% of these millions of users find branded content on Pinterest useful. A company’s searchable images can make it easy to promote their offerings to interested customers. 

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