Enjoy Your Vacation AND Make Quota

BY Jessica Helinski
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It’s mid-​summer and vacation season is in full swing. But for sales reps, the idea of taking time off from work may seem laughable. There are goals to meet and only so many business days in a month, right? As impossible as it may seem, there are reps out there who hit their numbers and make time for some downtime. In a HubSpot article, John Sherer discusses the topic and shares nine ways to take a vacation without sacrificing sales. Here are some of his suggestions:

  • First, sit down with your manager for some plan discussion. Your manager is your partner in success, so he or she can help you work out details in advance.
  • Work, work, work before you plan to leave. Calculate how much activity you need to do to hit your targets, then with your prospective time off in mind, figure out how much activity you need to do prior to get everything done.
  • Keep your focus on quality work. Ramping up activity to meet goals doesn’t mean cutting corners or not giving 100 percent.
  • Prep for any potential opportunities. Before heading out, review your pipeline. “If you expect an interaction with the prospect to occur while you’re away (such as a demo or email exchanges), introduce the contact to your manager while you are still in the office,” Sherer suggests. “Prioritize opportunities based on timeline and the buyer's process.”

In addition to pre-​travel tips, Sherer also weighs the pros and cons of various vacation lengths. He encourages reps to devote time to NOT working, adding that “It may be challenging to take time off in sales, but it’s 100% necessary to live a balanced, fulfilling life.” And with these tips, you can unwind on vacation without stressing over your sales.