Fresh Content on Tech Topics is Tops with 45% of B2B Buyers

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients trying to reach the elusive B2B buying audience? If so, they need to focus on developing quality content. The Content Marketing Institute make that recommendation earlier this year. New research from Clutch echoes studies conducted by the Content Marketing Institute.

Content Focus

To stay up to date on industry developments, B2B buyers make it a point to regularly read content. The kind of content B2B buyers read and where they notice advertising can make a big different for your clients’ success. Here’s what 380 surveyed B2B employees say they are reading about regularly:

  • Content on technology 45%
  • Content on small business operations 24%
  • Content on workplace/​personnel 21%
  • Content on marketing 12%

While you might think business operators want to stay informed about how to improve their workplace culture, it turns out they’re more interested in technology. If they’re reading about the latest development in AI, then your clients need to produce content that ties them to technology topics.

Content Type

And exactly what kind of content catches the eye of a B2B buyer? According to Clutch research, blogs and articles rule. At least 33% of these folks use this type of content to find out what’s going on in the tech world. And, 25% of B2B people are also checking out reviews. Once they make a decision about the kind of product they want to buy, they want to know what other buyers have discovered. These trends indicate your clients should add blogs and articles to their marketing arsenal. They also need to manage their reviews.

Searching for Content

The typical B2B buyer is not stumbling upon content. They’re often deliberately looking for information. Most, over 87%, use search engines to find the content they want. Social media is the go-​to tool for 85%, and 75% spend a lot of time reviewing company websites.

Businesses that want to make an impression on B2B prospects need to refresh their content on a regular basis. With over 80% of B2B buyers checking out online content at least once a week, they’ll always notice something new. You can help your clients develop fresh content and make it easier to find by improving their SEO strategy. To learn more about the kinds of media Small Business Owners pay attention to, check out the AudienceSCAN profile available at AdMall from SalesFuel.