Gen Z Heavily Influences Their Parents' Spending

BY Rachel Cagle
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If your clients are only looking to the future when planning Gen Z targeting campaigns, they’re overlooking the buying power these (mostly) teens and pre-​teens have right now. The majority dollars they have influence over aren’t their own, but those of their parents, according to a report by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Overall, 87% of parents say that their children have a say in their buying decisions, reports NRF. You may be thinking that Gen Z’s sway is only present when the purchases are for them (that is the case 48% of the time). However, Gen Zers influence 36% of purchases for the entire household, and 85% of parents believe it’s important to involve their kids in such decisions.

Gen Z’s influence impacts which brands their parents buy (52%), which product features parents consider must-​haves (48%) and which retailers the parents will shop at (41%).

The primary categories Gen Z has influence over include:

  • Toys and Games: 92%
  • Clothes and Shoes: 91%
  • Food and Drink: 88%
  • Dining Out: 87%
  • Events and Outings: 85%
  • Books and Music: 85%
  • Electronics: 81%
  • Personal Care: 81%

Parents involve their children in buying decisions in multiple ways. Through traditional means, kids learn about products by watching TV commercials (60%) and flip through catalogs (52%). Digitally, they look up products online (67%) and add ones that interest them to their parents' wish list or shopping carts (56%) and they both watch and read product reviews online (54%).

The Generation Z audience profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel is stuffed with information on Gen Z’s lifestyle interests, purchase intent and information on how different types of marketing affect them. Encourage your parent-​targeting advertising clients to also include ads that influence Gen Zers in their next campaign.