How to Get Clients To See You as a Human, Not Just a Salesperson

BY Rachel Cagle
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Client loyalty stems from what you do for your clients when you don’t have to. Every salesperson does the bare minimum and many will go the extra mile when a sale is on the line. However, there’s no better way to show your clients that they are more than just sales to you than by reaching out to them when there is not a direct sale to be had. Here are a few tips on how to do so based on Selling Power’s article, “Nine Simple Tips to Keep Customers on Your Side.”

Let’s start with immediately after you’ve completed your latest sale with a client. Everyone thanks clients after a sale, but not many salespeople take the time to express how much they enjoyed working together. Be that salesperson. A spoken appreciation of how well you and your client work together makes a thank you note more personal and is bound to make your client more comfortable when considering working with you in the future.

While we’re on the subject of post-​sale follow-​ups, you should also take the time after a sale to ask for feedback on how you did during the transaction. What could you have done better? What did your client enjoy the most about your service? Are there any other comments the client can give? These are all questions you need answers to in order to improve your service, and consulting your client will show that her comfort and satisfaction with your service is meaningful to you.

After that, keep reaching out to your client every now and then, even when there isn’t a pressing reason to. Ask her how your product or service is working for her or share some helpful information related to the previous sale that she may find interesting. It keeps you fresh in her mind and shows that you care about the service you give more than money.

Remember, there are other not so random occasions when you can reach out to your client on a more personal basis. Send her a small gift on her birthday, a card on major holidays, or a congratulatory email when her company achieves something. These methods are effective ways to bridge the gap between you as a salesperson and you as a human.